“A child’s place in public space – an inclusive table and chair for learning and playing.”

International contest for design professionals and amateurs, as well as students and graduates of art schools. The contest is originated and organised by Wooden Story company, while its first edition takes place in 2021.

The main idea of PURE DESIGN CONTEST , above all, is to create an opportunity for designers to enter the world market – the winning projects will be presented at the most prestigious furniture fairs in the world.

This year’s contest slogan is “A child’s place in public space – an inclusive table and chair for learning and playing”. The goal is to design a piece of furniture and/or a set of furniture for children, produced in the spirit of Wooden Story’s ecological philosophy.

The design should reflect an idea for a creative and inclusive work space for children, including children with disabilities, whether sensory or motor, or both. It is to be a piece of furniture that provides a comfortable place both for learning and creative play.

preliminary stage

The purpose of the Preliminary Stage is to select 50 designs which meet the requirements of the Contest. The selection will be made by an Organiser’s representative and a member of the Jury. During this stage, the entries are verified for their formal compliance and the criteria adopted in the Terms and Conditions. Works rejected at this stage will not take part in the subsequent Contest stages. The list of qualified projects will be published by the 28th of June. After receiving the information that the project has been verified at the PRELIMINARY STAGE and qualified for the 1st STAGE, the author is required to deliver a 3D model.

Ist stage

The 1st Stage involves preparing a list of 10 Nominated Entries, which will be qualified for the 2nd Stage. The 1st Stage lasts from 26th to 30th of July. The list of qualified projects will be published on website. In special cases, the Organiser may extend the duration of the 1st Stage at Juror’s request or on his own initiative. Each Juror’s vote at the 1st Stage is secret. During the 1st Stage, designs are judged in accordance with the criteria laid down in the Terms and Conditions.

2st stage

The 10 highest ranked Entries are nominated to the 2nd Stage. By the 30th of July the Jury will judge the Entries according to criteria set out in the Terms and Conditions and select the list of 10 Entries from the 1st Stage. The list will be published on the website.

The Jury will announce the Winners by the 9th of August. The Entrants will be notified about the results by e-mail and/or telephone. Simultaneously, the list of Winners will be published on .

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