1_What is the maximum file size of the submitting project?

Each submitted file can be up to 10 MB.

2_Can we participate as a group?

Of course! You have to choose the team name and representative and fill it in the submission form.

3_What happens with the winning entries?

The three winning designs will be put into production by Wooden Story company.

3_Can I participate in the contest as a professional?

Yes! The contest is open to all students, graduates, professionals and design enthusiasts.

3_Can one contestant/team submit multiple proposals?

No. One contestant/team can send only one submission.

3_Do I sustain my personal copyrights?

Of course! You will be always featured as an author of the design product.

3_Do I sustaine my proprietary copyrights ?

Upon being declared as a winner of the contet you are obliged to transfer the proprietary copyrights to Organizer (without compensation to the Entrant).

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