TABLES + CHAIR SET “PLACE IT!” Designer: Victoria Sarria Braulio Guttierez

There’s always room for play…

Place it is a set of two tables, a stool, a two-children bench, and a set of 10 different modules.
The tables, the stool, and the bench are designed to hold the modules.
The modules have different shapes
and can be easily placed on the slots. The modules are designed to rock freely to explore movement
and balance. Some of them can be reached and used both from under
and above. The modules can also be used as drawing templates. The tables, the stool, and the bench are set
at two heights to guarantee good access for children aged 3 to 8 years.

Our design guidelines:

Children do not need to be told how
to play.

We believe in non-directed play,
and believe us, they will place it anyway.

Shapes and slots are here to be explored.

Whether abstract or geometrical, it doesn’t matter, they will rock anyway.

Let’s stop for a while.

This is still a table where we can seat and draw.

Inclusion is not only about access
or dimensions, but about social interaction, play, and creativity.


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