TABLES + CHAIRS SET “SPÓŁA!” Designer: Marta Morawska-Omalecka

The inspiration for the integration project of the table for the public space of Spóła are graphs showing mathematical sets and their common parts. The table consists of three tops of various shapes, heights and sizes. Thanks to this solution, children from 3 to 8 years of age, who are at different stages of development, can play together in the same place. Each table top has
a different age-specific characteristic, allowing children to exercise motor and intellectual skills. The table, with its shape and shape, encourages discovering, rearranging objects and xperimenting. Children can approach it and use it from all sides while sitting or standing. No sharp edges, gentle, neutral colors and shapes are the characteristic features of the Company. They
are important when the furniture is used by children, especially those with impaired sensory integration. For this reason, the table does not contain permanently built-in movable teaching aids. During activities and play, children require time without additional stimuli. The table consists of three tops that gently overlap. Each table top has a different height adapted to the child’s height: Table A is intended for 3-4 years old children, table top B for 4-6 years old children, and table top C for 6-8 years old. Natural dyes are provided to add colors to the table tops. Optionally, the table can be configured by changing the number of tops depending on the space and specificity of the place.


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